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Let’s automate it, your time can be better spent. It is better to automate a system to run your business processes. What could be done better?

ERP Modules

Sales & Marketing

Plan and implement new sales strategies by researching and developing marketing opportunities.

Project Management

Managing a team to achieve all project goals within a given timeframe.

Bulk Email & SMS

Sends mass email messages at a specified time to multiple lists of recipients.


The management of inventory identifies shortages in production or sales and ensures there is enough on hand.


Acquiring goods and services required by an organization.

Material Requirements Planning

Calculation of the materials and components required to manufacture a product.

Customer Relationship Management

The study of a large amount of data by a business or other organization to administer its interactions with customers.

Purchase Order

A commercial document indicating types, quantities, and prices of a product or service that is issued by a buyer to a seller.

Supply Chain Management

Managing the flow of goods and services between businesses and locations, including conversion of raw materials into final products.

Human Resource

Manage human resources, such as hiring, training, and supporting employees.


The process of creating or producing goods using equipment, labor, machines, tools, and chemicals or biological processes.


Channeling various funds to those economic entities that need them most or can utilize them most productively though credit, loans, or investments.

Our Web Application Projects

Bar & Hertz Recovery Platform

A customized platform to facilitate patients, clinics, reward partners, beneficiaries & front-liners with multiple modular functions such as finance and inventory management.

Tech Stack: 

Alexis CRM

A customized CRM for managing all the company’s relationships and interactions with customers and potential customers.

Tech Stack: 

DGS Delivery

Platform will be catering for job requestors and job seekers.
Job requestors are technically the whole of Singapore whom may require logistic/delivery services (5.9million).
Job seekers are individuals who own commercial vehicles, our contractors/staff as well as businesses and moving companies dealing with logistics.

Tech Stack: 


Bridge create an ecosystem that bolsters business and job opportunities for everyone. Bridge bridges Job seekers and Self-employed persons to employers who are looking for new talents and business opportunities. Bridge create a platform for advisors to share their invaluable advice and knowledge on industry trends. Bridge foster new business opportunities for investors.
Bridge make employment, business and talent search easy for all.

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