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ERP Modules

erp modules

Our Web Application Projects

Bar & Hertz Recovery Platform

A customized platform to facilitate patients, clinics, reward partners, beneficiaries & front-liners with multiple modular functions such as finance and inventory management.

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Alexis CRM

A customized CRM for managing all the company’s relationships and interactions with customers and potential customers.

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DGS Delivery

Platform will be catering for job requestors and job seekers.
Job requestors are technically the whole of Singapore whom may require logistic/delivery services (5.9million).
Job seekers are individuals who own commercial vehicles, our contractors/staff as well as businesses and moving companies dealing with logistics.

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Bridge create an ecosystem that bolsters business and job opportunities for everyone. Bridge bridges Job seekers and Self-employed persons to employers who are looking for new talents and business opportunities. Bridge create a platform for advisors to share their invaluable advice and knowledge on industry trends. Bridge foster new business opportunities for investors.
Bridge make employment, business and talent search easy for all.

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Customer Relationship Management

Customer information comes from multiple sources, and you want to centrally manage it, along with quick data retrieval for analysis and reporting.
Besides, you can also create events specifically for each set of customers and communicate directly with customers.
All information is stored and retrievable.

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Food Inventory Management System

You can manage the inventory of factories and stores in real time. From the WEB screen of the management side, instructions such as manufacturing instructions, delivery instructions, and disposal instructions are given, and the factory and store side carry out receipt processing and opening processing with smartphones. You can centrally manage the inventory quantity at each site.

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Student Coupon Distribution App

An app that delivers coupons to students. Students can receive the student discount information of the nearest store from their current location. With Beacon notification, coupon information will be notified when you approach the target store.

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